Ok, so we journalists, who have to live with the fact that today’s newspaper will end up as tomorrow’s tissue paper, and who have to observe the lakshman rekha drawn by editorial policies, and watch our stories get ruthlessly chopped for want of space, have no other way to assuage our bruised egos than publish a blog…

So here I am, a journalist previously based in Chennai putting all my published stories out here (in the hope of netting more readers) and also deluding myself of having immortalised my work thus, ‘cos the pages of the paper in which these appeared must have by now ended up in a maligai kadai to wrap your  groceries…

I am currently based in New Delhi, where I am working on a community media project at IIT.


4 responses to “ABOUT BLOGGER

  1. K. Ramasubramanian

    Hi Vidya, I used to read your stoire regularly. I have recenty noticed on your Linkedin profile that you have taken up research project with IIT Delhi. I wish to get in touch with you regarding a project for the NGO , Centre for Public Affairs and Policy Research(CPAPP), located in Coimbatore. I would appreciate if you could share your email id and mobile number so that i can share more details.
    Ram | Coimbatore | +91.9842284411

    • Vidya Venkat

      It is nice to hear from you Mr. Ramasubramanian. My email address is vidyajourno@gmail.com. Kindly email me in detail about the background of the NGO, please provide a web link if available, and also in detail about the project and how I can help! Thanks!

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